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Michael Andrews†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Resume

1092 Loma Drive, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254††††††††††††††††††† apeiron@beachnet.com†††††††††††††††††††††† http://www.beachnet.com/~apeiron/†††††††††††††††††††††† 310 374-7672



Poet, Novelist, Philosopher, Teacher, Photographer, Programmer/Analyst Consultant.

Artist, self-employed. 1976 to 1982. Photography, poetry, writing, fine- printing, book design and book arts, publishing limited editions, portfolios and small press literary books. Letterpress portfolio texts for Joanne Callas, Mihoko Yamagata, Jeff Gates and Sequoia Dye Transfer. Various magazine work. Publisher and editor of Bombshelter Press and ONTHEBUS magazine. Editor for Beyond Baroque Foundation. Consultant for Black Sparrow Press. Poetry readings, Multi-Image audio visual readings.

Programmer/Analyst. 1967 to 2002. Computer operator, programmer, analyst. Saigon, Vietnam; 1969-71. Tehran, Iran 1974.



Cityscape Foto Gallery, L.A. - June 1980 Sundance Gallery, Redondo Beach, CA - April 1983
B.O.O.K.S & Co., N.Y. - May 1981 Friends of the Arts, Hermosa Beach, CA - September 1982
Riverrun Gallery, Ketchum, ID - November 1981 Cityscape Foto Gallery, L.A. - March 1983
The Union Street Gallery, San Francisco - Oct 81 RiverRun Gallery, Ketchum, ID - June 1985
Foto Gallery, N.Y. - December 1981 Cityscape Foto Gallery, L.A. - December 1985
Davis Gallery, Tucson, AZ - February 1982 Future Perfect Gallery, L.A. - 1989
Minus Zero Gallery, Torrance - April 1990 Madera Arts Council - April 2002
Occidental College- Feb 2004 Kreuger Gallery, Pasadena - Nov 2003 - Mar 2004


Future Perfect Gallery, L.A. Smith/Anderson, Palo Alto Davis Gallery, Tucson, AZ
G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, L.A. RiverRun Gallery, Ketchum, ID Minus Zero Gallery, Torrance, CA
The Art Works, Riverside, CA Galeria Nueva, Los Angeles, CA Citiscape Foto, Pasadena, CA
Kreuger Gallery, Pasadena, CA


Arizona State University, Tempe University of Illinois Brigham Young University
Security Pacific Bank California State University, Northridge University State College, Cedar City, UT
California State Library, Sacramento Universityof Arizona, Tucson Crocker Bank of California, Santa Cruz
Los Angeles Public Library Universityof California, Davis New York Public Library
University of California, Santa Barbara Northern Arizona University University of California, Los Angeles
Oakland Museum, CA University of Southern California Cedars Sinai
Occidental College, Special Collections



Hundreds of readings including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Tucson, Ketchum, Sun Valley, and San Diego; simple poetry readings, readings with prints and three projectors, audio/visual slide shows with a live poetry reading, group and improv readings. They include coffee houses, universities, formal theatre settings, galleries and institutions such as the L.A Photography Center.


Argus, Sacramento Alan Fox, L.A. Morningsun Rare Books, Mill Valley
Bartfield's, NY Anthony Garnett, MO††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Randall House, S.F.
Brentano's, NY Heritage Bookshop, LA Serendipity Books, Berkeley
Monk Bretton, London John Howell Books, S.F.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Sergio Old Prints, SF
M. Du Priest, NY Hyatt's Bookstore, CA Michael Thompson, LA
D. P. DeSimon, NY Samuel Katz, LA Zeitlin & Ver Brugge, LA< /TD>
Either/Or Bookstore, LA Kenneth Karmiole, LA
Joshua Heller, DC


Poems for Amber††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 3 Begats
Xmas Tree Massacre 40 Turkeys So What
Not Another Love Poem RiverRun (Artist Book / Portfolio)
Machu Picchu (Artist Book / Portfolio) Gnomes & The Xmas Kid
Riding South (Artist Book / Portfolio) A Telegram Unsigned
The Poet from the City of the Angels The Gnomes of Uncertainty (philosophy)
In Country (With David Widup) Coffin Lumber
A Lone Black Gull Five Screenplays
The Place Where I Will Die
(Artist Book / Portfolio)
Stone (Artist Book / Portfolio)
Woman (Artist Book / Portfolio) Child (Artist Book / Portfolio)

MAGAZINES (Photography)

Automobile Magazine Outside Picture Magazine #6
Elan Vital Photoshow #2 Westways
Motorland Cycle


(completed novel & screenplay)
(non-fiction philosophy,
cognitive science, shamanism)
RIDING SOUTH (novel & screenplay)
(Artist Book / Portfolio development)
(fine print book, poetry and art photography)
(15 major art photography projects)
Fine Print, Pigment Printing, InkJet
99% PACIFIED (novel in progress) †
ELECTRONIC MEDIA: http://www.beachnet.com/~apeiron/


Amelia Abraxas Alley Cat Readings Aero Sun Times American Mosaic
Apostrophe Beatniks From Outer Space The Black Fly Review Bongo Chalice The Cape Rock
The Cathartic Chattahoochee Review Chernozem Cloudline Community of Friends
Contemporary Quarterly Cornerstone Cottonwood The Dekalb Literary Arts Elan Vital
Event Exquisite Corpse Footntes Gallery Series Greenís Magazine
Gypsy Home Planet News Huron Review Impetus Indigo
The Jacaranda Review Juice Lingo Lips The Long Story
Lucky Star Margarine Maypole Ourangoutan Mr. Cogito Momentum Newsart
News From Inside Oasis The Old Red Kimono ONTHEBUS Orion Magazine
Orpheus Orphic Lute Pacific Poetry Review Photoshow Pinchpenny
Poetry/LA Purr Quixote Roanoke Review Saint Andrews Review
Samisdat Scree Screen Door Review The Small Pond The Smith
Snapdragon South Bay Magazine South Carolina Review Spillway Spree
Stonecloud Tempest Tolar Urthkin Voices
Voices International Westways The Whichita Independent Wind Literary Journal The Wisconsin Review
The Wormwood Review


Learning Tree University (1990-1993)
Chattsworth, CA
Getting Published, The Novel
The Poet's Task ††††††††
Palos Verdes Art Center (1991-1993)
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
The Poet's Task


Sarah Jane Freymann
Stepping Stone Literary Agency, Inc.
59 West 71st Street, Apt 9B
New York, NY 10023
212 873-3663
Julie Popkin Literary Agency
15340 Albright St., #205
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
310 459-2834


El Camino College; Mathematics and Philosophy, 2 years. UCLA; Literature, 1 1/2 years. System Development Corp.; Computer math, flow charting, COMPASS, JOVIAL, BAL, RPG, 10 weeks. Bell Helicopter, Tehran Iran; 6000 Series GMAP, COBOL, IDS, Data base Concepts, 6 weeks. Numerous technical seminars and classes.


Military Service - exempt. Citizenship; U.S.A. Married. Born 15 Dec 1944, Hawthorne, CA. Height: 5'. Weight; 230lbs. Excellent health. Bad eyes, poor teeth and a strong back, mangled leg. Affiliations at one time or another: MENSA, Friends of Photography, Society for Photographic Education, Friends of the Arts, Los Angeles Times subscriber, Hopalong Cassidy Fan Club. Religion; Anarchosolipsist. Hobbies, none.


I was born laughing, but I became a fast learner. I was crippled from age 4 to 14: crutches, chairs, braces and they sent the homework home. I sat in bed and figured out the math and English workbooks while I watched the other kids out the window splashing in the plastic pool. I still can't spell, but I learned how to learn.

†††† Bad legs kept me out of the army when it counted, and made me a guerrilla athlete. I run so I can walk. I learned to tell time when I was 5 by watching the hands and counting seconds, minutes and hours. I never caught up with time. I liked to figure things out.

†††† Around 9 or 10 I was surprised to learn about death. I was deeply offended. I never figured death out.

†††† I left school when I realized that it wasn't there to teach me. I don't like any kind of boot-camp and since the Cub Scouts wouldn't have me because I was a crip, I never liked any kind of uniform. I was never anyone's assistant, and I never studied with any great guru, so I've read about 6000 books.

†††† I have come close to 4 wars; 3 years in Saigon, 1 in Iran, and I sat in the monsoons in Calcutta when the bodies poured across from Bangladesh, and in Nicaragua I came the closest to dying. I never figured out war either.

†††† I have worked as an usher, paperboy, meat packer, librarian, courier, door-to-door salesman, boat builder, post office clerk, jewelry maker, wire sculptor, carpenter, day labor in Standard Oil, furniture builder, book designer, computer operator, programmer and analyst. I went around the world twice. I got old. I got cynical. I get sad sometimes when I read the newspaper. But life still surprises me, and death. I still laugh, though I never figured anything out.

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