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Michael Andrews                                                                                                                             Resume

1092 Loma Drive, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254                    apeiron@beachnet.com                       http://www.beachnet.com/~apeiron/                       310 374-7672


photographer, poet, writer, limited edition fine print publisher, artist books, portfolios, letterpress, digital imagery, pigment prints, exhibitions, readings


Cityscape Foto Gallery, L.A. - June 1980

B.O.O.K.S & Co., N.Y. - May 1981

The Union Street Gallery, San Francisco - Oct 81

Riverrun Gallery, Ketchum, ID - November 1981

Foto Gallery, N.Y. - December 1981

Davis Gallery, Tucson, AZ - February 1982

Friends of the Arts, Hermosa Beach, CA - September 1982

Cityscape Foto Gallery, L.A. - March 1983

Sundance Gallery, Redondo Beach, CA - April 1983

RiverRun Gallery, Ketchum, ID - June 1985

Cityscape Foto Gallery, L.A. - December 1985

Future Perfect Gallery, L.A. - 1989

Minus Zero Gallery, Torrance - April 1990

The Art Works, Riverside, CA - 1990

L.A Photography Center - 1991

Madera Arts Council - April 2002

Occidental College, Eagle Rock - 2003


Future Perfect Gallery, L.A.                                    Smith/Anderson, Palo Alto                                      Davis Gallery, Tucson, AZ

G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, L.A.                                  RiverRun Gallery, Ketchum, ID                               Minus Zero Gallery, Torrance, CA

The Art Works, Riverside, CA                                 Galeria Nueva, Los Angeles, CA                              Citiscape Foto, Pasadena, CA

The Union Street Gallery, San Francisco                 Foto Gallery, N.Y                                                    Sundance Gallery, Redondo Beach, CA


Arizona State University, Tempe

Brigham Young University

California State University, Northridge

California State Library, Sacramento

Cedars Sinai

Crocker Bank                                                          

Los Angeles Public Library

New York Public Library

Northern Arizona University

Oakland Museum, CA

Occidental College, Special Collections

Security Pacific Bank

So. University State College, Cedar City, UT

University of Arizona, Tucson

University of California, Loa Angeles

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Davis

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of Illinois

University of Southern California

FINE BOOK DEALERS (past & present)

Argus, Sacramento                                                   Alan Fox, L.A.                                                                         Morningsun Rare Books, Mill Valley

Bartfield's, NY                                                         Anthony Garnett, MO                                                             Randall House, S.F.

Brentano's, NY                                                         Heritage Bookshop, LA                                                           Serendipity Books, Berkeley

Monk Bretton, London                                           John Howell Books, S.F.                                                          Sergio Old Prints, SF

M. Du Priest, NY                                                     Hyatt's Bookstore, CA                                                             Michael Thompson, LA

D. P. DeSimon, NY                                                  Samuel Katz, LA                                                                     Zeitlin & Ver Brugge, LA

Either/Or Bookstore, LA                                         Kenneth Karmiole, LA                                                            Joshua Heller

Jim Losron, Fullerton


Poems for Amber                                                     3 Begats                                                                                   Xmas Tree Massacre

40 Turkeys So What                                                Not Another Love Poem                                                         RiverRun (portfolio /Artist Book)

Machu Picchu (portfolio /Artist Book)                     Gnomes & The Xmas Kid                                                        Riding South (portfolio /Artist Book)

A Telegram Unsigned                                               The Poet from the City of the Angels                                      The Gnomes of Uncertainty (philosophy)

In Country (With David Widup)                               Coffin Lumber                                                                         A Lone Black Gull

The Place Where I Will Die (portfolio /Artist Book) Two Black Oceans (portfolio /Artist Book)


Hundreds of readings including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Tucson, Ketchum, Sun Valley, and San Diego, L.A Photography Center

Numerous images in magazines such as; Automobile Magazine, Outside , Picture Magazine #6, Elan Vital            Photoshow #2, Westways, Motorland, Cycle, etc. and poetry published in hundreds of literary magazines and journals.

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