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Alternate Formats


This category contains formats other than Artist Books, Photographs, Poetry and current projects.
These formats include Assemblages, Broadsides, Murals, Folios and Trade Books.
Trade Books are mass produced, mass market publications, usually in the paperback mode of pefect binding with litho printing. The other formats are usually associated with photographs and poetry.
I have no idea why, but most work like this is some form of collaboration, and it is rare that a single artist prodused the entire work. The alternate formats, like the Artist Book, fully utilizes the capabilities of the digital revolution in combining text and image in ways that were previously not easy to accomplish.
Assemblages are pigment prints with the surrounding matt board also printed with pigment inks.
Folios are a sheet of text, folded once and used to cover a single print. The text sheet is usually a single poem plus some incidental and related images.
Broadsides combine the image and poem on a single sheet and are priced lower even though they are exactly the same as a print, simply because they are called Broadsides.
Murals tend to be rather large prints. They can be either 24 or 44 inches wide and as long as needed for either a stand-alone print, or for a special image that combines one or more images with text, which is usually poetry.