Michael Andrews Arts

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Photographs, as separate items from the project and the poetry from which that are often associated, are meant to stand alone as pieces of art in their own right. Almost all projects contain photographs with the exceptions such as poetry collections such as The Shield & The Lyre and prose works such as Paradox Lost.
My areas of interests and skills are manifold, but that does not preclude being expert in all of them. After all, 58 years and counting of experiance does count for something.
As a master craftsman in multiple disciplines; poet/writer, art photographer, philosopher, color reproduction, letterpress printing, digital imaging, typesetting, book design, binding and woodworking I have worked hard to assemble a professional product in all cases. My approach to the artist book is meant to follow in the tradition of William Blake. My approach to the photograph is meant to follow in the tradition of Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Richard C. Miller, Callahan, William Eggleston and the new topographic photographers such as Robert Adams as well as the work of Ed Ruscha.
My approach to the poem follows the indications of Tu Fu, Li Po, Archilochos, William Blake, Robinson Jeffers and Charles Bukowski.


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